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EA Sports- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

nba live 14 cover athlete NBA Live 14

I’m going to start with the worst first. I have to say “EA Sports what were you thinking?” Four or five years ago the graphics and gameplay in NBA Live may have been impressive but it will not fly in 2014. You would think after three years they would have figured out a way to get it right this time but the graphics are mediocre and the movements are choppy and awkward.

I have watched people get so angry that they start yelling at the screen because there is a serious lag time between when you click of a button to the actual action. Even if you have serious game strategy it is all wasted because the commands cannot keep up with the normal pace of the court. In the time it takes for a ball to slowly fall out of a players hand while the players awkwardly stumble you have lost the momentum you need to direct the ball where you want it to go! The players actual reaction time should not be quicker than the game itself! Maybe the good thing about NBA Live is it will frustrate the players so much that they will get off their couches, go outside and actually get on the court and play basketball with real people.

madden-25-jump-imageMadden 25

OK, Madden 25 is a lot better than NBA Live but when it comes down to it, Madden 25 is just not much better than Madden 13. Yes the graphics are clean and the gameplay is smooth but the much anticipated improvements and additions to the game are not there. Its pretty much the same game as Madden 13 with a new coat of paint.

New Features:
Madden Share: a free service where players can save their custom teams, upload them and share them with their friends and you can also create your own custom playbook from teams of your choice to share.
Control the Owner’s Box: Now you have the power to control everything for your team and the stadium.

New Moves:

  • The running game has been revamped with over 30 new moves that you can combine to create a super running back.
  • Infinity Engine 2 Technology: The improved Infinity Engine 2 technology, has made the graphics look even more realistic than Madden 13. The gameplay is smoother, running feels more organic and passing flows much more easily.
  • Better Ultimate team: Madden 25 gives you more opportunities to earn achievements to get a greater pack of Ultimate Team cards.
  • All 25 Squad: The new all 25 squad is available in the Play Now mode includes 26 ultimate players and a young Madden making it easy for you to create your dream team quickly.
  • Coach Glass: Using the new Xbox On Smart Glass technology coach glass offers the players the opportunity to utilize their smartphone or tablets within the game. With the app they will get the coach’s plays it thinks you should pick based on data from the game you’re in and from online matches within the Madden community.

While these new features are great we all expected so much more. you have to ask yourself has EA Sports made enough changes to Madden 25 to make it worth buying? Is there a big enough difference? Are you truly getting a new game?

fifa-14-cover-athleteFIFA 14

I saved the best for last. FIFA 14 is such a good game it makes people who never played or watched soccer before become soccer fans. The graphics are beautiful, the gameplay is smooth and realistic and the commentary feels just like a real game. While there are not huge differences between FIFA 14 and the last gen FIFA the game was so beautiful we all wondered “could it get any better?” Well the answer is yes, yes it could. With sharper, smoother and more detailed graphics that make the players in the game look even more like the real players and all the textures in the stadium look hyper realistic.

FIFA 13 left some of us wanting more but this FIFA does not disappoint, it still has the one-off fixtures to ongoing seasons, online friendlies, a selection of that week’s matches, a career mode, and skill games. The new and improved Ultimate Team, is a fan favorite and if you were playing the season in FIFA 13 you can transfer your progress in modes like Ultimate Team. as far as sports titles go FIFA 14 is one of the best! It will make a soccer fan out of everyone.

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