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Why you’re not getting hired? Look At your Résumé!


Most people dread writing their resume especially if they are the renaissance type who is always applying to jobs in multiple markets. Employers have to sift through so many resumes, how do you make yours stand out and get pushed to the top of the pile? The first thing you need to do is take a deep breath and relax, then brainstorm about all your best skills and talents and what makes you better than the others. It’s OK to be a little creative and fun with your writing, putting a smile on your prospective employers face could be the one thing that makes your resume memorable. Writing your resume is your chance for you to tell people who you are,what you do, and why you can do it better than the next guy. Your resume is created so your future boss immediately buys into you. Think of yourself as a product you are selling.

Do not use a generic template and the same buzz word everyone else does. Lack of originality can kill your resume, it says to your future employer that you do not care enough about this job to take the time to really think and create something specifically for them. If you really want that job, you have to go that extra mile. The job market is so competitive, put yourself in your prospective employers shoes and really think “Would I hire me?”


What’s a Great Resume

If you too are applying to jobs in different markets the most important thing to remember is you must create a different resume for each of your market, never combine all your varied experience in one! It is OK if you have a lot of varied experience and skills but you want to use that to your advantage. If you put too many varied jobs, experience and skills on one resume you could come off as someone who lacks focus and is not willing to commit to one thing. Each job you are applying for is different and you will want to adjust your resume accordingly, so you are viewed as a valuable, viable candidate for the open position.

Remember. you do not need to re-write your resume for each job you are applying, you can replace or add pertinent skills, highlight your accomplishments, to make it the company’s vision and requirements. Just like dressing for your interview, your resume should have a perfect balance of who you truly are and who they want you to be. Keep in mind that studies show that it takes recruiters an average of “six seconds before they make the initial ‘fit or no fit’ decision” on candidates based on resumes. If you want that job you have got to do have a flawless and unique resume that will get you noticed.

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