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Xbox Fitness Saved Me



I have never been a gamer, even growing up when everyone wanted to go to the arcade at the mall I was not interested. But having a gamer husband and three gamer kids I have learned to love and respect the world of gaming and am embracing it. While Lego The Movie, Kinect Sports Rivals, Just Dance 2014, and Zumba World Party are more my speed, I have come a long way. One thing that I love about the Xbox One is the fact that it is not just a gaming console, by now we have all heard that it is an all-in-one entertainment system but even though that information is out there the more people I talk to the more I realize that a lot of people are not taking full advantage of their Xbox One.


I met a guy the other day who bought his Xbox One day one, used it for a month and put it away. After spending 45 minutes talking to him about why he hates his Xbox One I learned that he was not using his Kinect, or any of the wonderful new features the Xbox One has to offer. A guy who seemed to be afraid of new technology (he still uses Vista on his PC!) he was afraid of the kinect and simply had no idea what his Xbox One was capable of. He thought it was just like his 360 so I started by telling him about the improvements on the new Kinect that are best showcased in my favorite “game” on my Xbox One, Xbox Fitness!  I told him how the new Kinect reads your heart rate through the fluctuations in your skin tone, he said he read that it was just a program that generated an estimate of your heart rate, based on statistics (he was a ministry of misinformation), I did my best to set him straight.


I am probably Xbox Fitness’ biggest fan, I try to use it everyday. I used to work out heavily, play Capoeira (a Brazilian martial art) and do body building. I was squatting 200 (at 5’2’ 118 lbs) and then I got breast cancer. After numerous complications from my surgeries working out with heavy weights is no longer an option for me and going to the gym can be a humbling and painful experience. That is why I love Xbox Fitness so much. I can work out in my living room where no one is watching! Don’t be fooled by the word “game”; there is no cheating in Xbox Fitness! The new and improved Kinect lets me know which of my muscles are engaged and which I need to use more (It actually tells you) I admit sometimes  I get angry when the Kinect tells me to use my shoulders more but in the end I do get a better workout because of it. Microsoft gives you a selection of famous fitness trainers including Jillian Michaels, Tracy Anderson, Beachbody’s P90X’s Tony Horton, and Insanity’s Shaun T, Jillian is my favorite although we do have a love/hate relationship I know she has my best interests in mind. If you have an Xbox One and and Xbox Live Gold account do yourself a favor and download Xbox Fitness, its free so what do you have to lose except maybe a few pounds?





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